Wednesday, May 19, 2021

True Friends

Jenny Sloan had no idea she would be the 2nd guest blogger in the almost 10 year history of Kellisa's Path when she posted the following heartfelt words on her Facebook status tonight. The timing couldn't be better as we approach Kellisa's birthday. There was a time when I wondered "Why?" Kellisa survived when two of her siblings didn't. I eventually came to the conclusion Kellisa survived to make a difference! To make an impact! To inspire! To change the world! 

We couldn't be prouder of Jenny who is also making the world a better place and we consider her an honorary daughter. 

  Appreciation post today for Kellisa. I got to talk to my best friend in the world today on facetime after an emergency plumbing accident and after calling everyone in my contacts, her dad, Chris Kain, was the only one to respond. 😂

When I tell you my heart could not possibly be fuller during that call, I mean it! I love this girl with all my f*cking heart. She is the one who motivates me to keep pushing on. She is the one that keeps me kind, keeps me inspired, keeps me loving and myself. I wouldn't be alive without her. Middle school is around the time you develop yourself. I met Kellisa in the 7th grade. We are 22 now. I would not be who I am without her massive impact on my person. I will be FOREVER grateful for that. I am the person I am today because of her. I missed her laugh so dearly, I was so ecstatic to hear it after so long. I missed her blowing kisses, and I heard her speak my name for the first time in a year. Tears. Kellisa, you mean the entire world to me. I can't imagine life without you and you just reminded me tonight how beautiful, special, and lovely you and your family are to me and everyone else in this world. I love you.  ♥️

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