Saturday, August 14, 2021

Kellisa- The Dancer

 Kellisa became a dancer 14 years ago this month. To be honest, we knew Kellisa loved music and swinging her arms and shaking her head around, but we never thought Kellisa would take dance lessons. That all changed when she came home from school early in her 3rd Grade Year with a dance flyer given to her by long time friend, Lindsay. Switzerland Dance School, a local business, was starting a special needs class. We didn't hesitate, Kellisa was signed up the same day and she spent years dancing with her peers and able body girls of all ages. The pinnacle of her dance career would be the annual dance recitals held at the Lazzara Performance Hall on the campus of the University of North Florida. 

Sadly, Kellisa's friend Lindsay who opened the door to Kellisa's dance career gained her angel wings far too early. We will never forget Lindsay and the friendship she shared with Kellisa. 

First day of dance (August 2007) 

2011 Dance Recital

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