Thursday, September 14, 2023

Yellowstone National Park in a Wheelchair

 June 2023

Lisa joined Egypt on her 8th grade trip to Washington DC and New York City which left me with 6 days with Kellisa. Oh, the possibilities. In early June, we had to worry about snow in most of the western mountain ranges and the desert areas would already be getting hot. After my trip to Yellowstone National Park with Egypt last year, I wanted to get back with Kellisa. 

We live 12 hours from the West Entrance to the world's first national park, so it would be two days of driving to enjoy four days in the park. The weather forecast was reasonable and I was able to book an accessible cabin in the park which would serve as the perfect base for our explorations. 

We decided to go as average tourists who are dependent on a wheelchair, meaning we would leave her specialized hiking mobility chairs at home and we wouldn't plan any crazy trails. For once, we would stick to the pavement and boardwalks. 

I heard horror stories about how everything in the park needs to be booked months or even a year in advance, but since I got our ADA cabin with ease, I decided to look into tours. Maybe because it was at the very beginning of the summer season, but I was able to book a guided wildlife tour and a boat cruise on the surprisingly large Yellowstone Lake.

We were surprised how accessible Yellowstone National Park is for visitors in wheelchairs. Like most visitors, we stayed within a mile or so of our SUV at all times and feel like we had four adventure filled days. That doesn't mean we don't want to return some day to hike some rugged trails, but we definitely had a better vacation than originally expected and we will be sharing more details and pictures with specific posts in the near future. 

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