Saturday, May 18, 2024

Historic Mountain Cabin at Colter Bay Village

 Grand Teton National Park


August 2023

Kellisa and her father had 2 nights and 1 day available to spend in Grand Teton National Park. The only lodging available at the last minute was a regular cabin in Colter Bay Village with 2 beds. If we wanted to stay inside the park, we needed to select this non-ADA cabin. The benefits of not spending time we didn't have driving, we knew we could make it work, especially since it was just two nights. 

The route from our parking spot was a little rough and the entrance was narrow with an immediate tight turn, but once inside our cabin, we found it plenty big enough for Kellisa to maneuver around in her manual wheelchair. This was Kellisa's first visit to Grand Teton National Park and we would have loved to stay in the park longer. Maybe next time, we can plan further out and book an accessible cabin for at least a week. 

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