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God's Acre Healing Spring

God's Acre Healing Springs
Blackville, SC
September 30, 2009.

"The water from these artisan wells is said to have mystical healing powers."
By nature, Kellisa has mystical healing powers. You can read more about Kellisa's early days here
If you look at where Kellisa started and how much she has achieved in 10+ years, it's beyond comprehension. I give Kellisa all the credit for her unrelenting determination to fight through the challenges of her life. Kellisa has always had a large circle of doctors, specialists, nurses, therapists, teachers and aides that continue to help her stay healthy (by Kellisa standards) and reach her full potential in life.
Recently, I became interested in alternative methods that might help Kellisa. I really don't know what I'm looking for or hoping to achieve. All I know is when Kellisa does reach her potential, I want to look back without regrets. I want to know we did everything possible to help Kellisa.
While conducting a Google search for these alternative methods, I came across Healing Springs in South Carolina. I read historical accounts as well as more recent reports of the water healing everything from poison ivy to arthritis to cancer. The springs are only four hours from Jacksonville and I decided to make a trip the next time I was working in the area. Within two days of making this decision, a customer that I hadn't had any contact with for over a year called and requested a jobsite inspection in Myrtle Beach, SC. I would be within one hour of the springs...was it meant to be?
Would this water help Kellisa? Myself? I must admit having parents die early scares a person about their own life expectancy. Based on my parents, I would have less than 15 years left to live. I figure I could use all the help I can get. And Lisa? Would this water help heal her nagging ankle and/or chronic back pain from lifting Kellisa? What do we do with this water? Drink it? Wash with it?

I don't see anyway this could hurt, so there is nothing to lose. Time will tell if there is anything to be gained from these waters. On my way, I purchased two 7 gallon water jugs, maybe a months supply to start this journey. The springs are located in a rural area, typical of poor southern small town life. The park is clean and well kept by locals. It is said that 12 of the 100 or so locals are healthy and 90+ in age. When I arrived, there was a teenage boy and girl sitting on a picnic bench, harmless enough. At the springs was a 50 something lady filling 30-40 water jugs of every size, shape and color. I was a little uneasy, since it was my first visit and it oddly seemed like stealing even though the springs are free and open to the public.
As my two jugs were filling, I took a cup and drank this clear, cold, pure water. First out of curiosity and secondly, I wanted to test the water hours before sharing with Kellisa and Lisa. The water tasted so pure it reminded me of the water I drank on Longs Peak and Mount Whitney years ago. I quickly drank a second cup and it's hard to explain, but I felt an increase of energy and well being...almost a good tingling in my chest and arms. This feeling lasted for several hours. It was a long evening once I returned home. Kellisa had physical therapy in St. Augustine, so we didn't do anything with the water today. The "healing" starts tomorrow.

"By tradition, Healing Springs got it's name during the Revolutionary War. In 1781 after a bloody battle at nearby Windy Hill Creek, four wounded Tories sent inland from Charleston by General Banastre "The Butcher" Tarleton were left in the care of two comrades who had orders to bury them when they died. Native Americans found them and took them to their secret, sacred, healing springs. Six months later the Charleston Garrison was astonished by the reappearance of the six men. All were strong and healthy.

Ownership of the springs passed from the native "Indian" tribes who revered them to an Indian trader, Nathaniel Walker, who bought the springs with corn. The site passed through several hands until it was acquired by L.P. Boylston. On July 21, 1944, he deeded the land and springs to GOD. The waters, by analysis are exceptionally pure and contain healthful minerals. People today, as in the past, believe they truly are healing Springs."

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