Thursday, April 18, 2013

Village Creek State Park

Village Creek State Park

March 2013

The Trail of Tears
Along the Memphis to Little Rock Military Road

I wanted to hike a short section of the very sad Trail of Tears through Village Creek State Park in Arkansas. 

A 20% chance of rain for the afternoon turned into a 100% guarantee as we neared Village Creek State Park.  I was prepared for Kellisa because I just purchased a rain canopy for the Freedom Push Chair. However, I wasn't prepared because I didn't bring my rain jacket. I paid a cold, wet price all afternoon.

After the short lakeside hike, we were met with a real challenge. The small trail next to the stairs was too narrow and would have been too dangerous and slippery. My only choice was to push, lift and carry Kellisa up the stairs in the rain:

Looking down the stairs we just climbed:

Kellisa's rain canopy:

The trail is eroded out of the ridgeline from so many before us as we enter a section of the Trail of Tears:

The trail is turning into a creek:

The rain turns to a slight drizzle. I remove the rain canopy to let Kellisa enjoy some fresh air:

The trail cuts through the ridge with a narrow set of stairs. Kellisa's chair was wider than the stairs, so I went alone to look on the other side. It was worse and I didn't feel comfortable taking Kellisa down the other side. I made the decision to play it safe and turn this hike into an out and back.

Looking down the stairs we needed to descend:

Nothing like a narrow twist in the middle of the stairs to make it interesting:

Miles hiked:       2.66
Low Elevation:   261ft.
High Elevation:   414ft.

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