Monday, July 3, 2023

Cottonwood Visitor Center Trail

 Joshua Tree National Park

April 2023

Kellisa and I enjoyed the wildflowers on display along the main park road on our way to the Cottonwood Visitor Center in the southern section of the Joshua Tree National Park. We needed to fill up on water, which included buying a new water bottle because I forgot mine in the hotel room. We were directed to the water fountain which doubles as the sinks in the bathrooms. Very weird and I question the water quality, but it was our only option and since it's been two months, I'm confident we didn't get any stomach ailments. We also enjoyed looking around the small gift store and collecting our Passport Stamp.

We found a small, unnamed trail starting between the visitor center and bathroom building. The surface was heavily compacted gravel that we found sturdy enough to for Kellisa's wheels. The trail had small descriptions of some of the local flora. The total length was just over .1 of a mile, so you were in constant sight of the visitor center and sound of the main park road. Not exactly peaceful or quiet, but it was a nice introduction to the park. 

Longer trails were calling our names.  

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