Thursday, July 27, 2023

The Good House Spa - A Wheelchair Accessible Guide with Pictures

 Desert Hot Springs, CA

April 2023

While looking over a map, I noticed a town between Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park called Desert Hot Springs. It brought back memories of when Kellisa and I stayed at Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa in British Columbia, Canada, for a few days. We both enjoyed the relaxation and soaking while the hot springs did temporary miracles for Kellisa's cerebral palsy. I searched online to see if Desert Hot Springs actually had hot springs and it didn't take long to confirm they did. With several options available, I zeroed in on the Good House Spa which offered day passes for the pool and jacuzzi area if you weren't staying overnight in their hotel. When I read, "Adults only," I paused with disappointment for a second before remembering that Kellisa is no longer a child, in fact, she's a 23-year-old adult.

After carefully studying the pictures and reviews I could find online, I decided it looked accessible enough and called to purchase our day passes. I explained our situation and needs and the lady on the phone thought we would be able to navigate around their grounds with little problems.

The one disabled parking spot was taken when we arrived, but one of the end spots was open. It was a little tight, but I was able to get Kellisa out and back in without too much trouble. We were greeted at the gate and shown the grounds. Kellisa and I decided to enjoy a nice lunch before soaking in the pool. Kellisa ordered a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich, and I enjoyed mushroom nachos with fresh fruit.

We let lunch settle a little before getting ready to soak. The changing room was a little small and the attendant opened a massage room for me to change Kellisa into her swimsuit. We made sure we left the room exactly the way we found it and really appreciated the accommodation.

Kellisa pointed to the pool with excitement and two minutes later we were up to our chins in beautiful mineral water. We found the 94F water heavenly and spent the next three hours relaxing and playing. We were careful not to make too much noise since it was an "adults only" resort. I do have to admit that it was nice to enjoy our time without children running, splashing, and making a lot of noise. I would have taken a nap while floating under the blue skies if I weren't solely responsible for Kellisa. I thought we would end with some time spent in the jacuzzi, but we used all our time enjoying the pool. If/when we return, we will consider staying here overnight to enjoy their oasis beyond the limited hours of a day pass.

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